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Flashiie FAQ

Why aren't you on neopets right now?

Because I'm disgusted by their level of intelligence. ...and I'm not saying they're smart.

What annoys you yourself the most?

Currently? the little yellow-ish stripe of the Coke can. Coca-Cola doesn't deserve McDonalds colors.

Are you lazy?

Why yes, yes I am. ;D

How much are you on the internet a day?

Weekends: When I wake up; until 10:00 if I'm not doing anything with my friends that day. School days: 7-8 and then from 4-9

What is the worst movie ever made, in your opinion?

Don't even get me started --;

Why do you like the 80s? It's 2003!

I'm not answering questions that don't deserve answers.

Was that supposed to be funny?


Where did you get the idea to do an FAQ?

I have no idea.

when was the last time you got up?

to go to the bathroom, and plug the phone cord in.

how long have you had a computer?

A little over 14 months.

How long ago did you learn how to use a computer...well

A little over 14 months ago.

How many friend do you have.

Stupid question..... 2? .___.

2 that I like dammit.



Are you bored, if so why?

yes. neo. no. wanna. go. back. friends. not. e-mailing. me.

do you think anyone is still reading this?

HA! are you kidding? I'm sure they quit that ages ago. .___.
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