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I likkeeeee... making funn of peeeopllleee att schooolll.

The many annoying qualities of my classmates.

Sean: He's a player, thinks he's all that. tries to be cool, even though he's not. Ryan says he smokes, he's freaking 13 @2#$%R%! thats messed up.

Doug: His gums are too big. He's immature, and is way TOO sarcastic.

Andy Brooks: Thinks I'm obsessed with school. wtf WTFFFF!!!! I hate school. I hate school. What a damn idiot. Has 15 guns for hunting? why?

Ed: Fat, and smells. I know it's mean, but he could take a shower or something. reads really slow.

Jordan: Where the hell do I start? That thing before he laugh, and he's my neighbor. Ergh. He also thinks he's a good skateboarder. umm.. no? "I GOT NEWWWW GLOOOOOOBBBESSSSS.. I'M A SPPOIILLEDDD LITTLEEEE BRAT!"

Joe: You suck Joe, not only are you dumb as rocks, you're rude. You need to start paying attention, stop fooling around, and be serious. I'll laugh at you when you have no life, and are in jail for Grand Theft Auto. Yes, I will, and I won't feel sorry for you even for ONE moment, because I know you deserve it.

Nicole: what happened? what the hell happened? I can't say anything --; I used to be your friend.

Sarah: Needs to learn how to stfu once in a while. You aren't funny, and your "bad ass" punk attitude isn't either. We can see right through your lies.


the rest are the same: laugh at stupid things, that aren't nearly funny. You think I don't know what you are talking about, and I do. You are all too smart, you take everything to serious, you're all goody goody. And yes, you say she is, but to me it souns like you are talking about yourself. You curse now? I'm so damn sure that your new year's resolution was to stop, you didn't even start idiot. You abandon us, you don't care- we aren't like you. don't try to make us be. Don't follow us, don't try to when I'm telling you to stop. I don't care what every one says, I don't takeyou copying us as a compliment. Don't see ourmovies, don't read our books, don't wear your hair the way we do, don't buy the same shoes we buy. Basically, don't take OUR ideas. Don't write a "sequel" to something that we wrote. We thought you woulda figured out it was half a joke. Just be nice, and shut up.

J.C... Cullen, not you... them. =D
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