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I sware to god..

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every DAMN time.

Anyway. --; my day started out like crap. My alarm didn't go off. I woke up an hour and a half late. I got ready in 5 minutes. I got to school, not thrilled to see everyone's faces.

Sam and Ashley. Yes, try to make a fool out of yourself. It just might work. We tell them a joke, thinking they'll actually uderstand it. Did they? No way in hell. We were talking about the real World, Frank got a hamster. he says "I wanted to name is Deuce but it sounded too much like that other word." we go, "you get it?" Sam goes.. "... kinda. No." and so she's like "what?" and We say "Sounds like a 'sh' at the end, but it's not spelt that way." She says it like nothing, in front of the teacher --; loudly. She goes 'TELL MEEEEE!' I say 'at lunch'. She won't have that, no way. I say "Go ask them, they should know." Do they? No chance in hell. Mrs. Tesar looks it up in the dictionary LOL! and hands the dictionary to Sam. --; Sam reads and makes a horrible face. Why am I not talking about Ahsley, Ahsley did exactly as Sam. Jason comes in. Mrs. Tesar says something and Jason goes "I know what it means!" he looks at me and asks. I nod. I tell him to be quiet. Lilly comes. She don't know. 'I saw I signs' that's it. xP

I have gym tommorow --; that sucks. Thats shit. Ergh. went to Mel and Lissy's. Had a good time, not being at home. I'm tired. I'm going to bed. I'm prolly not gunna wake up tommorow. I better.
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