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I remember in the summer when I was like ".. I'm excited about going back to school." Maybe I thought this year would live up to last year. Not a chance. I get back, and realize how irritating everyone is.

I guess I forgot how the homework was. I sure wish it was still summer now. I miss it. That was one of the best summers I've ever had. Yeah.. is WAS. I'm glad I got gym over with today- I'm glad I don't have it tommorow. It's not even that I'm really bad at it-- I just hate it. I am really bad at it compared to like Lilly.. or most of the boys.

Hmphh... I want more weekend. I slept in again. Mom woke me up. I had to get into the shower really fast, and hardly had any time on the net this morning. I got all bitchy when I came home. I don't even know why. I shouldn't have treated mom like that. Oh well. Sometimes she does stuff like that too.

I think they only difference is that she doesn't take things like that back.

Good idea. Maybe I'll start. --;
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Compared to me, you are like zach at basketball, and i mean it... you should know because i'm sure you've seen me shoot a basket... or be last doing those dribbling relays. so, don't deny it because i'm just complimenting you :p
..fine I won't say anything- but I still know I'm bad at it. -.-
nevermind i said anything... ?
>_> I'm just saying that I'm bad at it too. It won't make me feel better- because I know I'm bad at it.
...Whoo..I love gym..Sometimes..-shrug-..I fucked up my ankel today ina relay ..It hurts like a bitch.
..I only like it if we are doing 1 of the following: hockey, socker, volleyball.. and thats it :P or rollerskating. basketball is brutal e_e