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Vacation.... the best thing ever invented.

--; I want another soda, but then mom will yell at me and say "put it back" because she's just stupid like that :P =D I love Christmas break because I get to sleep, and not see everyone I hate for two whole weeks.

We went to Grandma D's for Christmas yesterday, it was OK, I guess. Except the fact that her hosue smelled like eggs, and greg was so incredibly drunk- nothing was to bad. Heh, I wouldn't go move a peice fo cake, because my mom told me to and she comes back and she's like "You will be grounded." and then she forgot about it. It sounded stupid just the way she said it. Heh...

I'm sick of neo, partly the fact that the stupid people are like retarded people, they don't even know that they're stupid. They think they're cool when they go " **grabs a can of n00b spray and sprays down the hole FC!!!!** Where infected!!!! TEHERES SOOOOO MANY N00BS!" I can't think of anything to say. Like I just sit there laughing at everyone.___.

I was sick of school, so it's great that I have until ike 6th off. I'm always so tired, and I started remembering my dreams again. It stopped for a while, in the summer I could remember them everyday. I didn't have so much to think about. I'm sick of always having to get my work done. I don't try SO hard, but I try enough to get good grades. I have such high standards set for myself, and I wish I didn't. It's like I won't be happy myself if I don't get A's and B's, but my mom is happy with Ryan if he doesn't fail.

I was reading this journal we had to do in school, when I was in grade 3-5, in the FI. It was weird, because I'm thinking "I didn't write that, I couldn't have" because I don't remember it anymore. It's so incredible to me that I did THAT when I was in 4th grade? I hate to loose it all, what I worked so hard to learn for 7 years? Damn my school for not having it. --; I hate it. I hate leaving. I miss my friends... I miss being better at it than anyone in THIS school. I hate moving. The doorbell's ringing. It's probably Jordan. He's an idiot. I hate arrogant people.
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