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Life doesn't suck. I do.

I feel stupid even going to neo anymore. Going there, and creating boards thinking that people are going to talk to me. Thank you all who do. Funny how people you thought were your friends can forget about you so fast, like you never existed. I don't understand why people can't just take the time out to NOTICE someone. I probably sound arrogant saying this, like I crave popularity or something when it's quite the contrary. All I want is a reason to go there.

Christmas this year doesn't seem as exciting as all the other ones. I realized its just the same as every other, and I really didn't like every other. I don't want to go up to the Dells. I hate trying to pretend I can have fun with no friends around me. -points to the title- and so, all of this has told me that my life is perfectly fine, I just try to make it seem like it's bad- when it's myself that has the problems. that sounded stupid.. it' just to hard to write down the exact way that I feel.

My god... why do I even write in this damn thing. it's pathetic.
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