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I have to go to My other Grandma's house for Christmas today now. All we do is sit and laugh and eat and open presents. Then we go home. I helped wrap Jake's presents last night and then my mom made me go to be so she could wrap mine. She says that she's sick of getting home at 9:00 on Christmas Eve to wrap all the presents. I don't blame her, all I would want to do is go to bed.

Eric came over this morning. It was funny. He gave me a a Rolling Stones mag and 20$ gift certificate to Sam Goody. I wonder if they sell movies there. o.O and my mom is looking at it and she goes 'Hey is that Christina Aguilera naked on the cover?' and Eric goes 'Really? Lemme see!' Yeah it was funny at the moment. He was kidding and after that he's all like 'No I'm just joking, I saw her in this one magazine and she looked....dirty. Like you just wanted to hose her off because she looked gross.'

I want to sleep more. I woke up at 10:15. and then took a shower and visited. Pft mymom got all pissy this morning because when she gets on the net all she does is look up information on disease because she and my brother are sick every 2 weeks. And then she thinks I'm making fun of her when I tell people that. I was the first time, but this morning my dad was telling Ryan about how he uses theinternet all day, and he doesn't want to when he gets home from work and I say 'Yeah, adults don't have much to do on the internet, except look up diseases and such.' and she heard she and she's like 'Sarah, you better shut up before I ground you.' wtf IS her problem. she makes fun of me and expects some nice answer like I'm stupid and don't know when people are making fun of me.

So.. crap day overall is what I predict.
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