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Oh.. my soda is in my room. I dun wanna go get it. But hell my blanket is in there too so I guess I'll go. Yeah so last night we opened presents like as soon as we got there, I wasn't NOT happy about it, but it was just really different. Usually I have to wait like 4 hours before we can open presents. It gets smaller every year there. Kinda depressing. Usually Peter.. and Kristen and Julie come..and Don's family. This year is was only Andy and Angela, John and Wendy, grandma Katie... and us? I think.

I have nothing to talk about. I hate livng in such a small town, because it limits the number of friends you have. Well there's only SO many people you can become friends with, and most likely they're all really annoying. if I hang out with them they'll be like 'well, uh, sarah- maybe you can come to church with me tommorow.' Pftt... 'Umm... no?' So I sit here all day like a lazy person O_O!! =D

so yeah.
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