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I don't know why I connected to the internet. I'm quite sick of it actually. I never thought I'd see the day when I say NEO is boring. I wonder if I was that bothersome when I was new; when I first started chatting. I wonder if I sounded that stupid. Maybe I still do. .___.

I should prolly disconnect, go in my room, and sleep. There's nothing to do anymore. No one is on right now, and I have no one to talk to. I dn't want to watch Jake tommorow, even though she said I didn't have to. She's trying to pull this reverse pscychology (sp?) on me. I say I don't want to watch him, she says ok, then I say fine I'll do it. I miss the summer. I wanna watch all the movie again. I miss not having homework, and not having to worry about all the assholes in my school. to miss, eh? Let's all miss. You know what else is fun?


skipping with your parents permission is even better, because then you don't have to feel guilty and potentially get in trouble. ;D I wish it was last year at this time.
At this time, i think we just started reading The Outsiders. and after March is when we watched the movie. That was a great year. This is ok, thing I have to look forward to: getting out of my dump of a school. I want to go to sleep and never wake up again. Be in a good dream forever. wouldn't that be nice...? You don't have to worry about this kinda stuff in good dreams. Whatever would I do without my dreams. ^^

I told my mom to quit it, she lit that cigarette. The first since she quit. We all told her to stop, we didn't bother telling dad- but I'm quite positive we BEGGED her. Now she smokes again. If she put that out when I told her too, she wouldn't be wasting 4 bucks everyday. 4 dollars everyday adds up. That gives me a reason to stop fundraising for DC. I ain't gunna waste my money- when she wastes her money everyday. From now until the end of April she would have spent around 360 dollars. That could easily pay for the rest of the trip. --; Maybe she doesn't buy a pack a day. Oh well. Not worth thinking about.
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