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I got a warning for neo today. I haven't been on in like 2 days. I don't even know what in the hell they are talking about XD something about selling or buying accounts. LOL. I just find it extremely and utterly histerical because-- because.

I went to the mall today with Mel and Lissy and my mom and I bought Say Anything. I haven't finished watching it yet. I will tonight.

Christmas. Fun. I didn't get much, mostly money and gift certificates for places like Kohl's and Sam Goody. It sucked though because I had to use my money to buy the movie at FYE and I could have just waited to go to The Mills (The mills... HA)and get it from Goody. I also got... a bunch of art stuff, like some charcoal pencil set, and acrilics, and water color because you know how much I love drawing ;D what else did I get.. I can't remember. --; crap. A blanket, and slippers x) and--- Over the EDGE! AH! great. great. great. movie. It was about some kids in New Granada and they always got busted by the cops all the time. Mostly fer drugs. and Oh man... Me Matty. wooo. He was so little xD his voice was all high and his shirt was like 5 inches too short and then he got killed. Wtf.. he gets killed in every movie, and if I do recall for pulling an unloaded gun on the cops. and Liar's Moon, which was good. the ending was.. blah?

>.>; okie.. enough. I'm thirsty. someone drank all the soda. >=/ dammmmnn.
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